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This is Abby's story.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

SeaWorld and Hollywood Studios

I think when we get home on Sunday all of us will sleep the entire day! We are so tired but we are having so much fun at the same time!
On Wednesday, we started out by meeting Ronald McDonald! Abby was so sweet and hugged him so much.

I remember while we were initially in the hospital with Abby and we went to the Ronald McDonald she got so upset that he wasn’t there! So today, we were just excited for her to finally get to meet him! After meeting Ronald, we went to SeaWorld and found out that it still gets a little cold in Florida! When we got there, the temperature was in the 40’s with around a 15-20 mph winds. But, the park wasn’t that crowded so that helped things out! We started off by feeding the stingrays which was really cool! 

I couldn’t talk the girls into letting the stingrays eat off of their hands, but I did it and it was pretty cool! They would just fly up and suck the fish out of your hand! The girls got a huge kick out of that! From there, we went and feed the dolphins which was really cool as well! 

They would come right up to us and let us pet them, and we would toss a fish into their mouths. Mary-Beth wanted to rub a dolphin chin, but never got herself close enough to get one, and Abby and Emily were content to just toss the fish in to the dolphins. We got to see the manatees, and then watched the dolphin show which the girls loved!  

There were acrobats doing high dives, exotic birds, and of course dolphins! After the show, one of the trainers brought one of the dolphins out and taught Abby how to make them talk, spin around, and then return home! She got a huge kick out of that and thought it was the coolest thing. SeaWorld also provided Abby and Emily with a couple of firsts: First teacup style ride, 

boat ride that goes back and forth and around in a circle, a free fall style ride that picked us up around 45 feet maybe and then dropped us some and bounced us around.  

Then, Mary-Beth, Abby and I rode Shamu Express rollercoaster! Abby’s first roller coaster! 

She did really well and was very brave. She enjoyed it so much, we brought Emily and Mary-Beth and Abby rode together, and I took Emily on her first roller coaster too! We bought the pictures of Abby’s first ride from the park and the girls did not want to get off of the ride! They had such a good time.
That night, we were able to meet Maegan’s Aunt Amber and Uncle Rob, as well as her cousin Rob and wife Lori, and their daughter Ashley at the Wilderness Resort there at Disney. It was great getting to spend some time with them and to finally meet Rob and Lori after hearing about them. Abby and Emily were so tired they fell asleep during the dinner and were out! They were so sweet!

Today, we got to meet Belle, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Pluto here in the village.  

Belle remembered Abby and called her by name as she walked in, as well as Mary-Beth and Emily! She gave the girls big hugs and they got to talk for a little bit. After that, we went to Hollywood Studios which was really cool! The first thing we did was watch a live play of Beauty and the Beast which was formatted to only 17 minutes! 

It was such a good play and the girls just ate it up! A little later, we saw the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, which had a laser show and plenty of effects! 

It was a very nice show that the girls just ate up and were enthralled with! We then got autographs from Handy Manny, a couple of the Little Einstein’s, and then the coolest one every, Mr. Incredible! 

He and I had a little flex off together and it was good to meet my alter-ego!

We then did a couple of other rides and then came back to the village where Santa and Mrs. Claus came and visited us today and brought the girl's presents!!  

After the girls sat on Santa’s Lap and we got some good pictures, we got to dance in the Winter Party. The girls got to meet Mayor Clayton and his wife Mrs. Mary, and they are the mayor of the Village. We then danced with many characters and played in the snow that Santa brought down with him! The girls had such a good time!
After the party, the girls were a little chilled, so we went to the ice cream parlor for some Hot Chocolate. While we were there, we got to say our good-byes to our new and good friends from the University of Maryland who came down to volunteer this week during their break. 

I have to say, we were very impressed with all of them at how much they went out of their way to not only take care of our girls, but to make us feel at ease as well. They became some of our really good friends and we look forward to keeping up with them. They are a part of a group called the Maryland Hillel and their leader/advisor is, Danny Weiss. We got to be really good friends with Danny and the students that he brought down and are already looking forward to hopefully seeing them again in the future! They are another shining star that we have seen through Abby’s endeavor that just brings hope and faith in the future, that 15 college students not only volunteered their holiday break to serve here at the village, but that they paid their own way down here and just are such good people! We are happy to call them friends and family now!
Tomorrow, we plan on spending our last full day going to Animal Kingdom and seeing what adventures are awaiting us! This week has gone by so fast!

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