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We'd like to invite you to read Abby's Journey from the beginning. We hope that her story may help a family who is facing the same battle with DIPG. We are praying for a cure and are praying for every child who is diagnosed with cancer.

This is Abby's story.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ups and Downs

The past few days have been a bit of an obstacle around here. Abby seems to be getting sick at least weekly, and we are hoping that it is not going to turn into a habit! This week her vomiting decided to come early on Sunday night. Abby took a shower and was telling Maegan that her stomach was upset a little bit. I gave her some of her nausea medicine and we put the girls to bed. Just to be safe, we gave Abby a large pitcher to keep with her just in case, and I’m glad we did! A couple of minutes after we walk out of her room, we hear her calling for us and then she returned her dinner to us, luckily into the pitcher! Just to be safe, we put her in bed with us on my side with me in between Abby and Maegan just in case she got sick, it wouldn’t get on Maegan. Luckily for us, she didn’t!
The next morning, Abby gets out of bed and around ten minutes later, she starts running to the kitchen saying “where’s my bowl where’s my bowl!” I run in there after her and tell her to go to the trash can, and she does. Since there was nothing on her stomach, it was just stomach acid. After that she relaxed on the couch and said that she was feeling better. A short time later she said that she was hungry, so I got her some carrots with ranch. The two carrots she ate lasted maybe five minutes before they made the quick return into the trash can. Poor thing!
We were getting worried, so we called up to St. Louis Children’s Hospital to talk to her oncologist just to make sure we shouldn’t be worried and if this was a sign of something big. They called back and told us as long as she is still reaching for things and not getting clumsy again, it shouldn’t be anything to worry about. A short time later, Dr. Leli called and said that Abby has a urinary tract infection which was why it was hurting her to go to the bathroom. Dr. Dodson told us that the UTI could be why Abby was getting nauseous. So we got Abby started on her anti-biotics last night and she does not like them! Thanks to everyone for the prayers, because we know they help! It was shortly after I put the request up that she stopped getting sick and her stomach settled down, so thank you!!
On other news, Maegan had to take her gestational diabetes test yesterday at her OB-GYN. She hates that orange drink! Today, Maegan received a call saying that her number was pretty high. I believe the cut off number is 139 and Maegan’s blood sugar was around 170. So Maegan will have to go and take the 3 hour test sometime soon, so keep her in your prayers too!
Today we also were able to get rid of our leaking refrigerator and got the new fridge delivered. Hopefully the water that leaked didn’t damage the floor, because I would hate to have the fridge fall through the floor!!
Maegan also advised me today that we have been “adopted” by a family for Christmas! That means that we can get the girls their presents without having to use any benefit money to have our Christmas! I’m not sure who the family is that “adopted” us, but I am always blown away by the generosity and love that people are showing my girls. It is definitely humbling and we are so grateful!
Today, Abby and the girls have been feeling good which is a blessing! We are taking it day by day and every night we say our prayers that Abby continues to get better and that we all stay healthy. I’ve never used so much hand sanitizer or washed my hands so much, but it is for a great cause!

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