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This is Abby's story.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Maegan's Birthday

Abby is doing so very well lately. For a while, she would get sick and nauseous in the morning and afternoons. We noticed that it mainly happened on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday when she would get her pneumonia prevention medicine. So we started giving her the zofram (anti-nausea medicine) and that seemed to help. Her anti-biotic is the IV type. We had a Home Visit Nurse come by on Monday and show us how to give Abby the iv antibiotic through a pump that she has to get every 8 hours. We figured that the best times are going to be 6am, 2pm and 10pm. Luckily, Abby is a deep sleeper and just sleeps right through it when we come in at nights and during her naps. This weekend, we experimented and didn’t give her the zofram and she did not experience any nausea! Abby’s spirits continue to be high, and she is acting like a four year old again!!! That is very exciting for us. For a while, she did not act like a four year old, and it broke our hearts! It’s good to see her acting like a little girl again!
Some good news is that we heard from the Make-A-Wish people and it looks like the tentative date for Abby’s wish to Disney will be from Jan 9-15!! We are so excited because none of us have been there before, and we just are so excited to see the girls faces light up when we get there and Abby gets her wishes fulfilled! As soon as we know for sure the dates, I will put something up with the plans and itinerary.
We had fun helping Mommy celebrate her 30th birthday on the 1st! The girls all helped in making Mommy’s favorite cake, German Chocolate! They all contributed in the making of the cake and icing of it. The only downside was that we weren’t able to take Maegan out for her birthday dinner. We did get take out from Maegan’s old place of employment, Golden Gate Chinese food. The girls all enjoyed it and we all had full tummy’s!
Tomorrow is Mary-Beth’s Christmas Program at her school. Maegan spoke to the principal about the possibilities of having a little section for Abby to sit so she could and be there to watch Mary-Beth’s program. She really wants to see it and to be a part of the activities outside of the house. I think she is getting cabin fever a bit, I know I would be! The principal said that he will set up a few chairs special for us near the back by the sound system, which will be good seats, but also not near anyone else. We are going to take all necessary precautions-mask, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes for the chairs etc- so Abby and all of us can see Mary-Beth’s program and the hard work she has put in.
We continue to get ready for Christmas and we had found out that there is a family from St. Louis that “adopted” our family for Christmas! There is a hospital program called Leaps of Love and this family selected ours to get presents for the family. Maegan and the girls filled out a Christmas wish list and sent it to the hospital. When we go to St. Louis on the 10th, we are going to be able to pick up the presents from this family. We are so grateful to this family and this program! We know that the girls will have a great Christmas, and we won’t have to dip into the benefit money to give it to them!
I’m back to work in the morning, and Abby goes to occupational therapy on Tuesday, blood draw and a urinalysis on Thursday and a trip to St. Louis on Friday.

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