Abby's Journey

We'd like to invite you to read Abby's Journey from the beginning. We hope that her story may help a family who is facing the same battle with DIPG. We are praying for a cure and are praying for every child who is diagnosed with cancer.

This is Abby's story.

Friday, February 18, 2011

St. Baldricks

 Things appear to be returning to "normal" around our home. Since the weather has started to get nice, Abby and her sisters have been enjoying actually getting to go outside to play!! I'm sure that Abby must get tired of having to stay in the house, and it's good to see them outside playing again.

In a 'developing story', on April 16, the Cape PD is going to be participating in the St. Baldrick's annual head shaving fundraiser. St. Baldrick's raises money for research into childhood cancer, and this year, they have selected Abby to be the sponsor child! The event will be held at Buckner's in Cape. Their website is I signed up to get my head shaved, which is no big deal for me since I always keep my head shaved. But for this, I am going to let my hair grow out just so they have something to shave! So if anyone wants to sponsor me in this, just look for me on their website and you can sponsor me! As it gets closer, I will provide more details, but I think they were talking about doing a 5k run with it this year. If they do, I will run that as well.

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