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This is Abby's story.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby & Flu Shots

Yesterday, we all got to go with Maegan to her doctor’s appointment fur the ultrasound!! The girls and I were pulling for a boy, but we are content with any healthy baby. I was just hoping that Mary-Beth didn’t throw up on me like she did when we found out that Emily was a girl. So we get there and all head back to the ultrasound room and then we found out that we are having a………..Baby Girl!! We figured out the name for her of Sara, but haven’t quite nailed the middle name yet. We then came home and did some work outside and just spent some time together. I am just grateful that we are having good days with Abby and that she is feeling well. We got a small blood pressure reader so that we could monitor Abby’s blood pressure since it has been reading high at the hospital. So far, it has been staying around normal, between 110-119/80-85.
Today, we started the day off with all of us getting flu shots. We put some Lidocaine lotion on Abby’s leg to dull the pain. We figure that she has received enough shots for a long time. She took it pretty well, and Emily cried a little bit. Mary-Beth didn’t even flinch, and Maegan and I didn’t have it too bad either. Abby didn’t like seeing the needle, but I don’t think it hurt.
After that, Abby and I went into town for her speech therapy to work on her “–th” sound. She had a good time and got a lifesaver on top of it. We then went to the Police Station so Abby could say hello to everyone there, and it was nice to see everyone too. After we left the station, I got the girls a treat at the gas station and we came home.
Abby and the girls have been having a great time together and are playing well together. One positive that we have noticed is that this obstacle has brought our family closer together, and the girls are especially a lot closer. It is good to see that happening.
Tomorrow Abby goes in to her physical therapy in the afternoon after getting her blood drawn in the morning. We are just praying that the blood draw goes smooth with no hitches!

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