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This is Abby's story.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Van Problems

We noticed yesterday that the transmission on the van was shifting pretty hard. I actually thought that we got rear ended yesterday when we were pulling off from a red light. It kept shifting hard the rest of the way home, and while we were on the way home, Maegan called Pontiac and set up an appointment to have the car checked out today since we need it to go back and forth to St. Louis. So today we came into town to take Abby in to get her blood drawn. While Maegan and Abby were working on getting the blood drawn, I took Mary-Beth and Emily to drop the car off at the dealership. They dropped us back off at the hospital and Maegan tells me that they couldn’t get a blood draw today for some reason. We could flush her tube fine, but for some reason, it didn’t want to get any blood out. They weren’t sure if there was maybe a kink in the tube somewhere or what was going on, so they called up to Children’s Hospital and they figured that since we have to go up there tomorrow they would get the blood drawn.
When we got home, we got a call from the dealership and they told us that they found bad cellanoids in the transmission and bad wiring in the airbag sensors as well. So, the van will be “out of commission” until at least Monday or Tuesday. So tomorrow, we will be borrowing a truck from Maegan’s parents and using that. Hopefully the full extent of the damage won’t be too bad and the van will come back as good as new.
Abby has been feeling well today and we are working hard on keeping it that way. We make Mary-Beth strip at the back door out of her school clothes and then sanitize her hands. When we have visitors over, they get a healthy dose of a Lysol bath. We want to keep Abby away from germs as much as we can while her blood counts are good so that she doesn’t get sick. Unfortunately, Mary-Beth and Emily are trying hard to not let that happen. Last night, Mary-Beth had a small fever and was complaining about her throat hurting, so we took her with us today to the hospital just to make sure that she didn’t have strep throat, which thankfully she doesn’t! Tonight, Emily falls asleep on the couch at 5:30 and then wakes up at 9 with a bit of a fever. A little bit of Tylenol and her flopping around on the couch for a while, and around 10 she went back to her room and fell asleep in her bed with the lights on. Luckily, her fever went down and she is not throwing up (Please don’t throw up Please don’t throw up!!) Now, we just have to keep the germs away from Abby. I have been soaking the house with Lysol in a rotating shift- bedrooms during the day and the living room and the girls toys at night. Hopefully it works and it keeps the bugs away.
On other news, we are one step closer to officially having the “When Abby Smiles” Foundation set up. Maegan spoke with our attorney who said that all of the paperwork has been sent to the state for approval, so hopefully we can get that all set up soon. I will keep everyone updated on the progress with that and when it is fully set up.
Tomorrow will be a busy day with us running to St. Louis Children’s Hospital so Abby can get her exam by her doctors there and they will also do a blood draw. They have to have the blood counts before they fill her chemo, so unfortunately it will draw out our stay there tomorrow, but it gets her the needed medication, so we will do it. After that, we will come back and hopefully be back in town to pick Mary-Beth up from school, but more than likely we won’t be able to so Maegan’s mom will get her from school and let her play at the house until we get home. Thanks Grandma!

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