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This is Abby's story.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daddy Daughter date!

Abby and I had our Daddy-Daughter date today and we had a great time!  We started off by dropping Mary-Beth off at school in the ole’ Geo Tracker with the top down and wind howling!  They love that!  Then, it was just me and Abby and we went into town for my doctors appointment.  The nurses and staff at Dr. Crist’s office are the best!  They were waiting for us to get there and as soon as we did they called Abby back there with them and gave her big hugs and asked how she was doing.  They then gave little presents to us for all of us!  Abby and the girls got coloring books, some candy, crayons and lots of stickers.  Abby was delighted with this and I then put a little purple smiley face sticker on her nose!  They also had a goodie bag for Maegan and I with a bunch of puzzle books and some pencils.  These will come in very handy throughout the next six weeks!  Abby then told them that we were going on a Daddy-Daughter date to the mall.  They then pulled out some money and gave it to Abby to buy something for herself at the mall.  She was super excited about this!!

The next step was to the Police Station where Abby was greeted with open arms and big hugs!  All of her buddies in Records were so happy to see her and she was elated to see them!!  We then walked through the department saying hello to everyone we could and Abby getting showered with love and support.  Abby got to meet the Chief of Police as well and we both thanked him for all of the support that the Department has shown not only to me, but to our entire family during this time.

We then made the journey to the mall where Abby wanted to ride the carousel.  I couldn’t convince her that the carousel was at the mall by Grandma and Grandpa Jensen, so we walked (I carried her on my shoulders) around the mall, and then went into the store Justice.  Justice had been highly recommended by several people at work who said that it was the place that  a young woman such as Abby should shop,  So we went in and Abby immediately saw a glittery bag and said that she wanted that .  She then saw two necklaces that were a big blue and pink heart, one with a tag that said “Best”, and the other saying “Friends”.  Abby said that she wanted those so she could wear the pink one and give the blue one to Mary-Beth since she is her best friend.  She then found some horse necklaces that she wanted as well, so she got those and then used her money to buy them (of course daddy covered the overage).  By this time, Abby was getting worn out and so were my shoulders, so we started towards the doors.  As we were walking through Barnes and Noble, she wanted to get a couple of books, so daddy caved in again and she got some princess books and then wanted to get Mommy some Godiva chocolate (her favorites).  How can I say no to that!  And yes, when it comes to my girls, I am a pushover!

On the way home we got some ice cream, and found out that Abby was going to get a fitting at 1:30 for a walker and, if needed, a wheelchair.  She was excited about getting those because she told me that “my legs get tired fast daddy”.  I hated hearing those words knowing that my daughter was going to need a wheelchair at least part of the time and a walker the rest.  Especially when she wants to dance so much.

Once at home, the princess took a nap and then went to her fitting with mommy while Emily and I went to pick up Mary-Beth from school.  We had a good time, and Abby and Mommy came home a little later  with a walker for Abby.  Abby was very excited that she could walk by herself easier now and wasn’t getting as tired.  She then told me that she was getting a pink wheelchair where the seat could recline back!  She was so excited about that, and I immediately started thinking of ways to put a ramp on the deck and make the garage and driveway more wheelchair accessible.  Steps on the deck and a gravel driveway are not wheelchair friendly, so daddy  has a new chore to work on. It will give me a outlet, so it will be fun to do.

We then had some visitors and then Abby and her sisters had to get to bed so that they could get their rest.  Only a couple more days until treatment starts, so we want her as strong as possible heading into this so she can be “kick the monster out”!!  We will do it to, and thanks to everyone that will be there with us step by step beating this monster.  Keep the prayers coming!!  We do believe in miracles!!

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