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We'd like to invite you to read Abby's Journey from the beginning. We hope that her story may help a family who is facing the same battle with DIPG. We are praying for a cure and are praying for every child who is diagnosed with cancer.

This is Abby's story.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday Date and Saturday Running

Friday was another busy day for the Jensens.  In the morning we had my Dad and Emily come with us to Abby's treatment so that they could see where we go every morning. When Abby went back for her treatment, Grandpa came back with us so Abby could show him where she gets her treatments. When we went back there, the nurses had a Cinderella Barbie and the book Thumbelina. Abby was so excited and happy that she got those presents and we thought that it was pretty cool that she got them as well.

After treatment, Abby woke up and was a grump. Her latest thing is that she doesn't want anyone to look at her, except her daddy. She tells Grandpa and Mommy to look away from her until she wakes up enough to start being in a good mood. We then went to breakfast in the Children's Hospital cafeteria because Abby had to give blood at 10:00 am. So we all had breakfast, and then Abby finally started to wake up. We then went upstairs and received her second weeks worth of her chemo and gave them some blood. We then had to tell Grandpa goodbye for now and started the drive home.

Maegan and I picked Mary-Beth up from school, just the two of us, and took her out for some alone time with us. She was very excited and showed us the stick bug that her and Grandpa Miller had found that she brought in for show-and-tell. It was pretty cool. We told Mary-Beth that we wanted to take her to the movies, and she was ecstatic! We went and watched Ramona and Beezus and I watched a little girl almost single handedly devour 1 1/2 buckets of popcorn by herself!  Towards the end of the movie, somebody -maybe me- started a little popcorn war with Mary-Beth and Mommy. It was fun and we all had a great time. We then took Mary-Beth home so she could see her sisters who were very excited to see her. We brought them all home and put the little girls in bed. It was a good day.

Today seemed to be a run-run-run day!.Maegan and her mom took Abby to do some running, while I took Mary-Beth and Emily running some more. We took care of some chores at the bank and then ran by the Police Station. We then met Maegan and Abby at the Mongolian Grill for lunch where we watched Mary-Beth and Abby eat half of the buffet by themselves.  From there we went for more running. I took only Emily with me while Mary-Beth, Abby, Maegan, and Grandma went to get their nails done.

Emily and I went over to Plaza Tire where we had to get 2 new tires for the van so we don't have a blow-out on the way to St. Louis. Emily and I then took the partially newly "shoe'd" van to get a good washing, it was filthy. When we got home, Abby was napping and Mary-Beth and Emily went out and played in the sprinklers while I cleaned out the inside of the van. Their fingernails looked amazing. I'll get a picture of them tomorrow and post them.

I also want to say thanks to our "cleaning angels" who have been cleaning our house for us while we are out. We can't thank you enough for what you are doing. Coming home to a clean house after a week of treatments and the mental stress is one less burden and stress that we have to deal with. And another big thanks to our neighbors Rob and Kim for maintaining our grass and our cat Hazel for us as well. You all are sent from God to help us and we thank Him and you everyday in our prayers.

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