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This is Abby's story.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fish Feeding at Cabela's

Abby was so happy and put away the grouchies this morning on the way to the hospital.

Abby had a great day today and hopefully they continue to be good. After Abby's treatment today, one of my buddy's from high school, Jeremy Applegate, mentioned that he works at Cabela's and can get us back to feed the fish in the aquarium. Abby was doing good and feeling good after her treatments, so we took him up on that offer. We met him at Cabela's and it was awesome to see and talk with him again.

Jeremy took us to the aquarium and got a bucket of minnow and goldfish for us. We then went to the top of the aquarium and Jeremy showed Abby what to do. He then gave Abby a minnow and she tossed it into the fish tank. The minnow didn't even make it to the water before it was gone. Abby had the hang of it by then and was throwing minnows and goldfish in to their doom and had a blast! Emily thought it was okay, but let Abby have most of the fun.
From there, we went to the trout pond to feed them. They got some "dog food" looking food, and Emily was much more at ease feeding the trout. The girls had a blast and it was nice to get them out to do something, anything. But this was really cool! Jeremy invited us back anytime to help him feed the fish again, and we will take him up on it. Mary-Beth will love it too, so we are really excited to bring her up to do this as well. We then worked our way home and laid the girls down for a nap while Maegan cooked dinner for everyone.

We are looking forward to coming home and to see Mary-Beth again. We miss her so much. She requested that Mommy and Daddy pick her up from school tomorrow. So we arranged with Grandma Miller to spend some time with Abby and Emily while we spend time with Mary-Beth. We are thinking of taking her out to watch a movie that she was wanting to see with one of her Nickelodeon stars. It will be good to spend time with her.

Tomorrow we will leave the hospital and go home after her radiation treatment and then her blood draw. I think that, while we are home, I will try to find prices for concreting or asphalt (whichever is cheaper) the garage. As of now, when we try to get Abby to the car, we can only get her as far as the end of the ramp because the wheelchair will not travel well on the gravel. So, when Maegan even tries to push Abby to the car, she can only take her so far and I have to carry her the rest of the way. I have no problem at all doing that, but then we have to come back and carry the chair to the van and put it in the back. So, if anyone knows anyone who does concrete/asphalt work, send me a referral.

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Michele said...

Try Paving Pros out of Oak Ridge Mo. They are good people.

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